Arts, Learning, Living SPIRIT BAY
A.L.L. Spirit Bay invitation to a program of
stories and discoveries by leading Canadian Authors, Artists and Activists

Antanas Sileika, Paul Budra, Sheeba Sawyer, Kris Obrigewitsch

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019
Location: Spirit Bay Visitors Centre, 4901 East Sooke Road, Metchosin, British Columbia
Doors Open: 10:30 am, door open for coffee and introductions
Starting: 11:00 am, the program starts

Antanas Sileika

Buying On Time
Reading from selections of his award-nominated books, including Buying on Time with its descriptions of attempts to build a home long-stalled in basement phase as well as excerpts from his moving and hilarious recent book, The Barefoot Bingo Player.
11:00 –11:30 am

Antanas Sileika is the author of four works of fiction and a 2017 memoir, The Barefoot Bingo Caller. His book, Buying on Time, was shortlisted for the Leacock Medal for Humour and the Toronto Book Award as well as serialized on CBC Radio’s Between the Covers. Woman in Bronze and Underground were both listed among the 100 books of the year by The Globe and Mail, and the latter is in development for a film. Winner of a National Magazine Award, he has been anthologized in various books and included in a collection of best Canadian Essays. His new novel, Provisionally Yours, will appear in March of 2019. Antanas was the director of the Humber School for Writers for fifteen years before retiring to devote more time to his own writing.

Paul Budra

How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
Insights from selected readings of William Shakespeare’s Plays by the Simon Fraser University Shakespearean scholar.
11:30 – 12:00 noon 

Paul Budra teaches Shakespeare and early modern literature and has published articles on Renaissance literature and contemporary popular culture. He is the author of A Mirror for Magistrates and the de casibus Tradition and Shakespeare Early and Late: a textbook. He is the co-editor of the essay collections Part Two: Reflections on the SequelSoldier Talk: Oral Narratives of the Vietnam WarFrom Text to Txting: New Media in the Classroom; and Shakespeare and Consciousness. He is a past president of the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society, former Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and winner of the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award for 2004.

Sheeba Sawyer

History, Place and Plans
Stories, information and anecdotes from a First Nation woman making a place for her herself, her family and community.
12:00 – 12:30 pm

Sheeba Sawyer is a member of the Sc’ianew First Nation active in learning her culture. She is a participant in the Sc’ianew First Nation Drumming group, a young mother of 3 children, and an Ambassador for Spirit Bay.

Talk followed by Q/A
Break 1:00 – 1:30 pm

Kris Obrigewitsch

Spirit Bay All About, Walk About
Spirit Bay in development, where we came from and where we are going.
1:30 – 2:30pm

Kris Obrigewitsch, Director of The Trust for Sustainable Development. Working with the Sc’ianew First Nation Chief, Council and membership, Kris brought together a myriad of cultural, legal and governmental interests and requirements to take the idea of Spirit Bay forward to its commencement.

About Spirit Bay

Sustainable, walkable, vibrant and beautiful, Spirit Bay is fast becoming a new model for First Nation vitality. Spirit Bay is a contemporary village, surrounded by forest, on the ocean, teaming with wildlife, 40 minutes from Victoria, 50 minutes to an international airport, 60 minutes to ferries that service Vancouver and Seattle. This culturally and environmentally rich community is settled on 100-year lease land in partnership with Sc’ianew First Nations. We have lightning-fast fibre internet, ocean thermal heating, and a dark-sky compliant community with direct ocean access.

Design Charrette Toward Proposed

Live/Work Housing: A.L.L. Spirit Bay proposal for more affordable live/work space. Homes for professionals in the creative community are imagined with open floorplans for flexible use as is, or self-customized as required. Higher ceilings, natural light, ocean thermal heat, outdoor deck, parking, cold cellar, kayak hanger, indigenous planted landscaping, allotment garden to make for uniquely healthy working and living for individuals, families with children, start-ups and co-sharing.
(Information about other village homes, including waterfront view properties available at

Draft Housing Options
2 or 3 stories attached spaces
Ground floor studio space, minimum 9-foot ceiling, cement floor, drywall primed white, electrical wall and ceiling outlets, industrial lights.
Above living space, minimum 9-foot ceilings, white primed drywall, plywood subfloors, storm-resistant door and windows, 1, 4 piece bath, kitchen rough-in.
• 1000-square space foot studio, storage, utilities on the ground floor and living above.
• 2000-square space, 2 or 3 floors, 700 to 1000 foot studio, storage, utilities on the first floor and kitchen/ living above floors.

ALL live/work units are subsidized by the Trust for Sustainable Development and provided to address the national housing displacement of urban cultural producers while helping to enhance the vitality and diversity of our evolving village. ALL Spirit Bay is exploring ways to offer stable, affordable and healthy housing for creative professionals including emerging, mid and senior individuals, people with young families and older adults. We encourage designs for life-long living, start-ups, and friends and family co-sharing.

How To Apply For Live/Work Space
Purchase to be juried by application. Please provide your full contact information, your field of activity, related CV, your website if available and any other notes or links you would like to share.

Build Dates and Timing
Expect 10 to 18 months for completion after unreserved purchase agreement and finalization of site preparation.

Visit Spirit Bay To Find Out More
You are most welcome to visit Spirit Bay to find out more, the Spirit Bay team will be happy to show you around.

Spirit Bay Cultural Events and Projects
Stay posted for our cultural events as they are an excellent way be introduced to Spirit Bay, meet some locals, and tour the village.

Proposed Purchase Award,
Establish an immediate connection to Spirit Bay while your home is being built by claiming an allotment garden space upon purchase. Start your garden design, visit, plant and harvest as you wish, or seed indigenous wildflowers to welcome you back on your next visit.

Arts, Learning, Living, Spirit Bay (A.L.L. Spirit Bay) is a Civic Studies Project with The Trust for Sustainable Development, Sc’ianew First Nations and Spirit Bay


We are working to create a template here in Beecher Bay that can be replicated in other First Nations across Canada — Nations that are looking for true stewardship and sustainability and to create economic development and independence. Spirit Bay is creating jobs and opportunities for our people now, and a bright path forward for our children, and for coming generations.”
– Chief Russ Chipps
Sc’ianew First Nation

“The Government of Canada is pleased to support First Nations by investing in infrastructure that will foster economic opportunity. Community-driven projects like Sc’ianew First Nation’s commercial development play an important part in building healthier, more sustainable communities.”
The Honourable Jane Philpott, M.D., P.C., M.P.
Minister of Indigenous Services

“Spirit Bay is visual heaven:  water, mountains, trees, mosses and a virtual open-air zoo of marine and forest wildlife. It surpasses all my expectations as a place to live and work and enjoy the natural world around us.”
– Richard Rhodes Writer, artist, former editor of Canadian Art magazine and happy new citizen of  Spirit Bay

In The News

Spirit Bay Development gets $2.9 million boost
– Sooke News Mirror

Scia’new directing own destiny with Spirit Bay
– Times Colonist

Humpback whale population surges off B.C.’s West Coast, says research group
– CBC News

Celebrating Excellence
– Michael Bernard, Vancouver Sun, December 15, 2018


Nomination for Geories Awards in three categories: Landscape, Planned Community and Residential Housing.

Stay Connected and Check Back for More Information

_Future Cultural Events and Projects
Programming and events by leading artists, authors and activists

_Live/Work Housing
More affordable living for professionals in the creative community are imagined as space with open floorplans for flexible use as is, or self-customized as required. Higher ceilings, natural light, ocean thermal heat, outdoor deck, parking, cold cellar, kayak hanger, indigenous planted landscaping, allotment garden to make for uniquely healthy working and living for individuals, families with children, start-ups and co-sharing. (Information about other village homes, including waterfront view properties available at
Expected ground-breaking in 2019-2021. 

_Town Center Commercial Space
Spirit Bay is seeking proposal for the new Town Center including for small businesses such as a general store, café, gas station, gallery, market, restaurant, bookstore, doctor’s office, drug store, yoga studio, co-sharing space, tool and recreational rental equipment, and hybrid convenient store versions of the above and others.
Expected ground-breaking in 2019-2021. Live where you work.

_Commercial/Industrial Space
Spirit Bay’s master plan has allotted up to 20 acres for a commercial industrial park supporting high technology firms, green businesses and storage facilities.
Expected ground-breaking in 2022. Live where you work.


A.L.L. Spirit Bay: Dyan Marie,,, 647-973-2349 / 250-475-8131

Spirit Bay:,, 1-855-744-6888

Spirit Bay is located between Metchosin and Sooke, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Spirit Bay Visitors Centre, 4901 East Sooke Road to Spirit Bay’s 1103 Marina Drive, Spirit Bay, BC, V9Z 1N6

Spirit Bay Direction Map