2007 Bloor NIGHTLIGHT: Nuit Blanche, curated events, installations and performances with over 90 professional artist and five schools along two blocks of Bloor Street including the House of Lansdowne strip club



An Nuit Blanche event to take back the night
Sept 29, 2007, 7pm to 7am, Bloor Street
On Bloor Street from Lansdowne to Margueratta

Bloor NIGHTLIGHT, a festival of lights along Bloor Street from Margueretta to Lansdowne unleashes a dynamic series of artworks that work to vitalize this at-risk area for Nuit Blanche. BIG: Bloor Improvement Group, with initiating artist and curator  Dyan Marie, and dozens of contributing artists, offer “BLOOR NIGHTLIGHT“ an event that will involve wide local support and participation. The 2 block-area BLOOR NIGHTLIGHT location between Lansdowne Ave and Margueretta Street is best known for its negative press coverage: 94 crack dealers charged in one month, toxic lands, struggling and vacant storefronts. Bloor Nightlight intends to be a catalyst. It is a Nuit Blanch project to take back the night and engage the neighbourhood.  A related Better Bloor project works from now until September to clean, repair and improve the street and help local business. BLOOR NIGHTLIGHT invites the city to witness the start-up of the vitalization of Bloor. 

Bloor NIGHTLIGHT Projects

Streetlight Sculptures “ Curated by Orest Tataryn with works by by Lois Andison, Matthew Birch, Anne O’Callghan, Gordon Hicks, Thrush Holmes, Heather Nicol, Jonathan Sabine, Orest Tataryn, Christy Thompson, John Wilcox. Overhead sculptures are exhibited fixed to city streetlight poles creating a street-long exhibition of contemporary light art.

Joe Fleming Ice House and Film  Imagery shine through the walls of Joe Fleming eco house made entirely with ice.

Light House Art transforms the House Of Lancaster and surrounding area at 1215 Bloor Street West.

No Bad Art Poster project by Miklos Legrady.

HOUSE Videos by CCCA, Roman Milo, Dougal Bichan, DMP and others.

Ah! Mes Synchronettes: Performance /dance Eroca Nicols and dancers

Performance and stage events with ArtTV.

Eldon Garnet stainless steel text installation.

Shirley Yanover sculpture.

Ian Worling glass works and much more.

Cloud of Doubt Objects and lights sources wrapped in place along the street to create lingering clouds by JP King and Stephen Marie-Rhodes.

Bloor Bike Light A bike parade, tricked out in light for the night, curated and bike by Bruce Ward with Mark Greenhough, Herb VandenDool, and others.

Stores and Upper Floor Windows along Bloor Local residents and businesses are invited to inventively light-up their store and apartment widows.

Sticky Lights Small light sculptures, powered by watch batteries and able to be fixed by magnets to any metal surface enable a dispersion of light and art in unexpected places throughout the area. A Community Cave sponsored projects with artist, community groups and schools: Bishop Marrocco/Merton, Bloor Collegiate, Kent Senior School, Ontario College of Art and Design and The Student School

Water Tower Local water tower landmark project by Roman Milo. Roman lights up the tower, viewable across the TTC lands and has an accompanying film at the Lancaster.

Vine People Half human, half vine, Dyan Marie‘s Vine People are ambassadors for green action, some say super-heroes, others trouble makers. Installed where needed for Bloor NIGHTLIGHT.

Carla Garnet Project Illuminated drawing and sound performances with turn tables and overhead projector with John Abrams, Sandra Brewster, Andy Fabo, Cynthia Foo, Mike Hansen, Katharine Harvey, Janet Jones, Sholem Krishtalka, Srimoyee Mitra, Kate Monroe, Natalie Olanick, Frank Perna, Adrienne Trent and Lorne Wagman.
Front window DVD projections by: Jesse Bollon, James Gillespie and Yvonne Singer.

House Light Artist lamps made for the tables at the House Of Lancaster: Shelley Adler, Catherine Beaudetta, Kate Brown, Moira Clark, Nicole Collins, Brad Golden, Noel Harding, David Hlynsky, Ashley Johnson, Diane Lingenfelter, Dyan Marie, Larry Middlestadt, Jano Milo, Roman Milo, Richard Mongiat, Richard Rhodes, Snaige Sileika, Barb Solowan, Louise Vezina, Orest Tataryn, Bruce Ward, Shirley Yanover and others

Window Shopping Interactive window projection by Andy Morris, curated by Ann Homan

Sean Roony ballon art and fashion

Camp Fire event by CELOS: Centre for Local Research into Public Space

Programmed and open stage.

and many others

Thank you to  participating artists, sponsors and volunteers. Thank you to the City of Toronto for sending a special bus to Bloordale, to Mayor David Miller for announcing Bloor Nightlight as “not to be missed” to Eye Magazine’s David Balzer for the kind feature  story, to Spiro for letting us use The House – all working to help make the night shift.

Food +++++ music and events to participate in.

Funding: Bloordale BIA, Community Cave, Great Canadian News Co. Labatt Breweries of Canada, Simon Wookey

A DMP Dyan Marie Project with BIG: Bloor Improvement Group and DIG IN
DMP 416.539.8129 dyanmarie.com | bigonbloor.com | digin.ca