Twenty-eight landscape, street-light banners were installed along Bloor Street from Dufferin Street to Lansdowne Avenue. They present flowers, berries, plants and leaves found in near-by gardens, parks, railway lands, orphaned spaces, sidewalk cracks and green places. The banners acknowledge the efforts of local gardeners and draw attention to the  environmental and social importance of gardens and green space while enhancing the identity and appearance of Bloordale.

A project by artist Dyan Marie, made possible by the Bloordale BIA and local gardeners. August 2015 – 2016




Flowers, weeds, leaves collected from Bloor/Dupont area inner city sites:

Front-yard gardens flowers from Lansdowne Ave., St Clarens Ave, Emerson Ave, Margueretta Street, Brock Ave, Pauline Ave and Russet Street. Once grass lawns, these gardens transform the neighbourhood and have made the streets an attractive place to walk –  reducing local car travel, while they waste less water, mediate summer heat,  provide a habit for birds, butterflies and bees among other benefits.

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Wild flowers from the fenced Lansdowne TTC Lands where efforts are being made to mediate an underground toxic stream winding its way to the waterfront.

Vegetable garden focused on food security at Toronto Food Share.

Nasturtiums from the raised garden designed for wheelchair accessibility at MacGregor Park’s, Teaching Garden developed by Kristen Fahrig and Botanicus Art Ensemble,

Crabapple from the trees that overhang the basket-ball court at Wallace Emerson Park and wild plants that cling to the fence behind the BMX court.

Fruit and flowers for the garden retreat with allotments spaces, fruit trees, meeting areas at the Perth Dupont Community Garden.

Wild flowers, vines, plants and trees, introduced and invasive species edge the West End Rail Path. The path is the area’s longest and most successful car-free,  uninterrupted green passage way route with plans to be expanded.

Davenport Diamond project site of the controversial Metrolinx #Superbridge plan to advance public transportation that will constructs a 3 story high railway overpass through the neighbourhood between Bloor and Davenport just west of Lansdowne.


bloor banners

Flowers from the Butterfly Garden at Emerson Community Garden at the TTC station, an initiative of the West End Garden Ferries with community maintenance.

Floral-patterned, material prints collected from Bloordale business – vintage, junk and thrift stores.

Commercially grown flowers in modest Canada Day bouquets sold at the Galleria Mall.

Plants growing in local orphaned spaces, sidewalk cracks and laneway weeds.

The emerging gardens on Bloor Street sustained with help from Bloordale Business Improvement Area: Bloordale BIA,  Bloordale Community Improvement Association: Bloordale CIA, Bloor Improvement Group: BIG and local store-owners.

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