The Corridor Collective is a not for profit arts organization that responds to population and climate change with art and ecology projects.

Projects in progress:

How We Live In Cities
Exhibition, workshops and discussions towards an art and garden corridor.

Opening Reception: Thursday May 18th, 2017, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. Opening remarks 7:00 pm.
Date: May 18 – July 15,  2017
Location: Re-Imagine Galleria, Community Collaboration Space
Galleria Mall, 1245 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 2A6
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How We Live In Cities

Spot Gardens initiate urban garden-making to lower city carbon footprints while improving the experience of living in cities. Gardens help mediate summer heat, water run-off, provide bee and wildlife habitat, improve air quality, enhance urban appearances and provide healthy, self-directed exercise. Collecting spot garden sites into corridors can link civic, public and commercial space into Walk Here routes that encourage people to walk to work, schools, parks and shops. Walking enables stronger civic engagement; it enables people to live where they live, while fostering better health and mindset.
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Corridor Collective Members

Catherine Beaudette
Darren Leu
David Acheson
Dyan Marie
Eldon Garnet
Guy Walter
John Dickson
Kristen Fahrig
Noel Harding Studio
Heather Nicol
Reinhard Reitzenstein
Richard Rhodes
Time and Desire

Founder and Executive Director: Dyan Marie is an artist working with photography, sculpture, text and she creates civic organizations, events, art and ecology projects that respond to how we live in cities. /

Production Manager: Darren Leu, artist, curator, director of DCP; a company established to create studio spaces and facilitate opportunities for artists. Darren is also the Director of the BIG on Bloor Festival 2017.

Chair: Tim Grant is the publisher of international Green Teacher magazines and books. He is a frequently lecturers on environmental action and is a returning candidate for the Provincial Green Party.

Secretary: Natiea Vinson is a member of the Secwepemc Nation and has a background in dance and performance art. Natiea is also a technology and information consultant and experienced project leader. She is a founder of Makook, an indigenous social enterprise and weekly news digest.

Information contact: 647-973-2349