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Image: Water, Dyan Marie, 2013, vinyl on acrylic
Installation at Dupont Projects, 22 x 18 feet.

Excerpt from “Water”

The same water circulates
Saliva, an ice crystal,
Flacking oil, washing mud
An olive leaf, a raptor’s blood,
Shape-shifting earth’s
Salt oceans and sweet tea.
Being mostly water
I drink a tall cool glass
My roots are veins
River pathways
To my finger tips
The corners of the eyes
And sweaty folds
Where desire is produced
As riverettes.

Water is the part of an on-going research project exploring The Grand River watershed.

Waterloo Wetlands Gallery
Water 10, opens Nov 20, 2008. A Dyan Marie Project installed in the wetlands at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The first of a series of projects that creates walking destinations for the Grand River Watershed. Ten artists contribute works about water: Michael Capobianco, Dyan Marie, Samantha Ullyot, Shannon Partridge, Stephanie Shantz, Sasha Nelson, Lee Skene, Matt Schust, Nathalia Quagliotto, Katie Thiel. Waterloo Wetlands Gallery (a wetlands site claimed as an exhibition place) is located under the red pedestrian bridge that joins University of Waterloo East Campus Hall to the University Ring Road.